Applebridge Development Board

development board at Applebridge Family

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Applebridge Family Development Board’, a collection of Managers that meet regularly with the chief aim of bridging the gap between site operations and directorship, creating a dialogue to better understand and resolve operational issues. The established group will meet on a quarterly basis and work on the day-to-day issues affecting site work pre-emptively informing Directorship of issues and how they can be resolved.

The team of manager and department heads consists of; General Manager – Andy Allen, Estimator – Anthony Shiel, Construction Manager -Daryl Allison, Construction Manager- Donny Mason, Senior Planner – Ryan Mann, Head Buyer – Samuel Hogg, Finance Manager – Sarah Smith, Operations Manager – Paul Salkeld, and Commercial Manager Josh Sayer.

Commenting on the launch Group Managing Director Chris Brown said

The construction of the board represents our commitment to fostering a culture of open dialogue and collaboration across all levels of our organization. By bringing together a dedicated group of Managers, our aim is to bridge the gap between site operations and directorship, creating a platform for proactive problem-solving and improved understanding of operational challenges. The board will play a pivotal role in pre-emptively addressing day-to-day issues affecting site work and providing valuable insights to our Directorship. This initiative is an exciting development that empowers our talented team members, enabling them to contribute directly to the growth and success of our organization. Together, we are building a stronger foundation for effective communication, innovation, and operational excellence within the Applebridge Family.

The construction of the board is just one of the investments that we have made as we continue to expand, doing so consciously, and responsibly.

“ We have seen a lot of investment and growth over the last three years with the acquisition of new companies, new machinery, and a workforce that has almost doubled in size, despite this growth we wanted to ensure that our progress is being made in a way that is sustainable and does not hamper the high quality that we strive to maintain for all our clients. The development of this board will go a long way to ensuring effective communication is maintained and standards are kept at their highest.”